Respondo provides a platform where your company experts can easily respond to questions asked by your community members.


Respondo uses a ticketing approach for social media posts. You can filter tickets by status and search through them by author name or content.

Twitter, Disqus and more

Respondo currently supports automatically loading posts from Twitter and Disqus and manually via webhooks.


Responding to community questions on social media isn't just a marketing task. Every question should be answered by the employee that is responsible for that part of the business. Your employees will be exposed to direct feedback about their work and your community will always get the best possible response. This is also the best way to ensure that you're building a product that people actually want.

Why would you care?

  • Social networks are becoming the primary source of feedback.
  • Current tooling is inadequate, hacky and counter-intuitive.
  • Community questions should be collaboratively answered by the most relevant company experts.
  • If done poorly, maintaining social networks presence can quickly become overwhelming and inefficient.
  • Users will tell you what they want and how to build a better product if you listen to them.



We're just getting started and we'd love to hear your feedback.

Experiencing issues? Let us know so we can help.